I just installed Ubuntu onto my laptop and am having trouble with my modem. I have tried many things, but nothing seems to work. Just as a warning, I am a Linux newbie.

My laptop is a generic one and has a dreaded winmodem onboard. I have run scanModem, but an unsure where within all the files it generates I'll find the useful information. I've been told by multiple sources to dual-boot into Windows to get the chip-set, but Windows isn't installed.

As stated in the Topic Description, I run Ubuntu 4.10 with Linux kernel

Since trying to get the modem to work, I've tried a USR USB external modem, which I found out afterward that it wouldn't work, and just recieved a serial modem, and then found out what I thought, at a glance, was a serial port was for a monitor instead. Go ahead and laugh; I would.

Would a serial-to-USB converter work? I also have a parallel port and an firewire port. Not sure if I should send the modem back or not.

So what do you big, macho, experienced Linux users/developer think I should do? Is there a good chance I could get my winmodem to work if I stuck with it? Or should I just give up? I do have my Windows tower connected to the laptop through a router (and Samba, which took a while to set up correctly), so could I configure it to go through my tower's dial-up connection to be online? Is that even easily done?

Anyway, thanks for whatever help you guys are able to give me. I appreciate your time and effort. Let me know if you need any more info.