accessed via ssh

I was in reading some of my logs in /var/log i.e messages, secure, maillog and I noticed that syslogd had stopped updating the logs. Basically, it stopped updating them as I was in looking at them!

The only change that I made was that I created /var/log/procmail and added the following lines to /etc/procmailrc

I then restarted xinetd.

Procmail has been writing to it's new log just fine.

It has now been three hours and all of the logs that are written by syslogd are stuck back at the time when I was looking at them at created the procmail log file.

I have even rm'd the /var/log/procmail file and changed the /etc/procmailrc file back to the way it was when it all worked. Still nothing.

When I restart syslog via "service syslog restart" I get the following:

Shutting down kernel logger: [ OK ]
Shutting down system logger: [ OK ]
Starting system logger: [ FAILED ]
Starting kernel logger: [ OK ]

"service syslog status" gives the following:

syslogd (pid 2800) is running...
klogd (pid) 2804 is running...

"ps axu" includes the following:

root 2800 0.0 0.4 1436 564 ? S Mar28 0:00 syslogd -m 0
root 2804 0.0 0.3 1368 432 ? S Mar28 0:00 klogd -x

Yet nothing new is being written to the log files including numerous verified connections to imapd and sendmail.

What did I mess up?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.