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Full Version: New To Linux But Not Unix
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I've would like to install a copy of Red Hat Enterprise Linix WS on a Intel PIII 750mz Dell PC.

I'm a Oracle DBA and would like to install Oracle 10G on the Linix machine and test my applications (Java) from my new P4 Dell.

I've use Unix based Oracle (Solaris) at work, but have been consulting for the last while and realized that I had to test against a Linux O/S.

My old Dell (PIII) is a good machine, but I'm concerned about installing this version of Linux on it. Does anybody know of any problems with this favour of a Intel Chip? I don't want to dual boot on the old Dell, I'd rather have just Linux on it.

Mike in Toronto, Canada
Should run fine - Especially if you dont run X on top of it too. If you ahve expereince with UNIX then you shouldnt have any probs using Linux at the command line since (I believe) it is pretty similar.

Any problems, just ask, we like helping. Honest.


I'd run everything using Linux, but I can't get my wife off of (gulp) a Microsoft platform.
My sister coped fine moving to Linux... Once she realised she could ahve four desktops with KDE, and different wallpaper on each she was perfectly happy. Not to mention she now has a good excuse to have a cute penguin as wallpapper...

OpenOffice is a good replacement for M$ Office, and XMMS/Kaffeine/MPlayer/Xine/Amarok are alll good replacements for media player.

Again, thank-you.

Another problem I have getting my wife off of Windows, is ensuring all her Excel and Word docs can be shared by her office. You know how Microsoft has convinced most of offices suits that compatibility between Linux and Windows is nonexistence. Junk! but she is convinced that she will never be able to share files again. What are you going to do?

Are OpenOffice files sharable?

I'm going to install Linux (hopefully) this weekend and start the transfer of 10G from XP to Linux.

Trust me, as with most DBA, when it comes to networking we're useless. I'll be logoning on the help configure my new system.

Mike in Toronto, Canada
95% compatible - Some of the more advanced drawing stuff can get a bit messy, but apart fro that Office / OpenOffice are almost completely compatible. You can even make it save as MS Office file types by default. My mum's an accountant, and happilly used OpenOffice spreadsheets.

There is a comemrical program called "Crosasover Office" which lets you run Office on Linux, but it's probably unneccessary.

Linux is a breeze to netowrk. Most of the time (if you ahve arouter with DHCP, or another DHCP server for that matter) you can just plug it in and off you go. If not, its jsut a mtter of editing one config file to set the IP/Subnet and gateway.

Except for some commands, UNIX and Linux are pretty much the same. I finally had my first experience with a UNIX server last year when i was asked to fix a SCO UNIX server that was giving constant errors. After reading a bit of the manual, i found the disk checking utility, but most other things were similar.

Lucikly the server's hard drive was gone, so i convinced administration to move to a Linux platform and use a compatibility library to use legacy applications. Seems there have been no problems since.
I've been using unix commands for years. I've always found unix commands easier to use than DOS commands. Like I said earlier, Oracle and Unix were made for each other.

This will be the first time I,ve installed and configured a Unix O/S. The machine I'm installing the O/S on has 2 hard disks, a 20G and a 80G. My concern is whether Linix will recognise and format both drives. I'll always had to manually format the drives using the Window O/S. I'm hoping Linux will just recognise the drives and create the devise drivers.
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