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Full Version: What Is The Perfered Desktop
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What is the perfered desktop for linux nerds
I dont know about nerds, but I like KDE biggrin.gif


(Also, this shouldnt be in Tech Support **Moving**)
I've always been partial to GNOME because it's the TRUE open-source GNU desktop, and KDE is a bit too 'windows-like' , but i do still like KDE a lot. I am running RH9 and was using GNOME until i recently did some online updates which killed my GNOME desktop, so i had to switch to KDE.
Personally, I've always liked KDE, cause it always felt so integrated. When under Ubuntu, Gnome blows away your average KDE install IMO.
I agree with VBD, KDE has the best feel of any of the desktops. The integration and completeness of the desktop is second to no one. As for other "desktops", good choices include GNOME, XFCE, Windowmaker, etc.
Yeh, the integration in KDE is great. It also works pretty well with GTK apps, which is nice. IMO, the windows look more polished than they do in GNOME. Although that could just be dodgy GTK settings on my part. GNOME is quite nice, but it always leaves about 2cm between all the icons on my desktop blink.gif

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