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Full Version: Buying A Domain Name/setting Up A Server
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I have two domain names that I would like to purchase. I plan to use my RedHat 9 system to host the site that the names are attached to. I'm very new at this, and wonder if anyone can direct me to 1) a site that gives me more information about creating a Linux server (using RedHat 9, if possible), and 2) some excellent places that I can buy domain names from (without services or support that I won't want to use as the owner of the host server).

Jim is a very good place to register domain names and then point them at a particular IP. You can even create multiple pointers for the same domain, so you can point www to one ip, ftp to another, and foobar to a third, its pretty nice.

As far as setting up the server, its pretty easy, red hat will have the option for things like apache and proftp right in the install or you can install it from packages later. After than its just a matter of putting the files you want in the right place and locking it down so its more sercure. There are lots of places on the internet to find out how to set it up, or books, or forms like this.

I use registerfly to host my domains and its really nice. Good luck, and if you have any more questions just ask.
I am in the process of setting up a linux server for our company to host email (sendmail) and host one of our sites. If you are setting this server up using a cable modem or dsl, check with your isp to make sure "service" ports are not blocked. port 80 web, port 21 ftp, mail port 25 & 110. There is nothing worse than getting everything up and running and find out you CAN'T host this thing. If you are using a t1 great no problems. If you are using cable/dsl good luck you may have to host your site on another port....been there done that got the t shirt.
Also if you're using Cable make sure your ISP actually allows you to run servers. Most of the cable providers here in Ontario do not permit it.
Thanks for your comments--

It didn't even occur to me that they might not allow me to do it!

I got my domain names, however, and that's a start.

I received the following message from my Comcast account when I inquired about blocked ports. Should I have any problems setting up my own server/web page on my Linux machine with these ports blocked?

Thank you for your inquiry. I understand you have questions about which ports are blocked on the Comcast network. Comcast does not support or offer web hostings with residential service. I have included the current list of blocked ports for you below:


Please be advised that this is the most current information available at this time, and additional ports can be blocked in the future.
(End Quote)

I want to be sure I can actually host the site before I do all the work!
HTTP runs on port 80, which isnt blocked. So it should be OK.

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