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I am trying to install mandrake linux 9.0.
I have devided m hard C(10GB) , D(10 GB) and E ( 20GB).
I want to install Linux in D drive. WHen I insert the CD and proceed for instalation .BUt not sure where and in which step do I mention that Linux be installed in D drive.
Also it asks for swap partition and some other partion that I cannot understand.

Can anybody tell me how do I proceed in detail. If somebody has screen shots of installation(full) It will be of great help.
On C drive I have XP.
Thanks in advance.
I'm not sure but I think that if you install Linux mandrake 9.0 on a hard drvie that is set up with NTFS you will do damage to the file system that windows is on
You should consult with Mandrake's own Documentation for a quick startup, located at the following address:

More specifically, the section on Selecting mount points:

I'm not that familier with the Mandrake installer, but i'm sure they give you the option of selecting different drives. You just need to remember that linux does not use a letter convention like Microsoft (ie. no C: D: or E:), but you can easily translate, most times the drives are in the same order (C: = disk0, D: = disk1, etc.).

Not being able to see your screen makes it difficult for me to gauge what you have.
Firstly, I dont reccomend you use MDK9 - It is a bit old hat. The current version is 10.1

Just delte the "D:" patition and replace it with two new parition,s one ext2 and one swap (using the installer) alternatviely,just delete the d: partiton and claick "auto allocate".

You cant isntall Linux onto an NTFS parition, just like you cant put windows onto ext2 or reiserFS

Can you give ftp link to download mandrake 10.1
WIll it be just an update or it should be a clean install.
If you have 9.0 installed, then you could choose to upgrade, but otherwise it will be a clean install (which I would suggest you choose anyway, since upgrading can get little messy).

You can downlaod 10.1 frm the Mandrake download page:-

Just to clear up my statment. I wasn't saying to put it on a NTFS I meant that the boot loader with mandrake 9.0 and up will do damage to the windows 2000 / XP boot loader. That may have ben fixed but the last I heard and tried installing mandrake 9.0 and up on a hardrive with windows XP or 2000 massive damage was done to windows because of the boot loader.
Instlaling GRUB should still allow you to boot XP. Although there is a "feature" available which causes Windows to mess up the patition table when any other filesystems are used, which might have something to do with it.

I have never had problems installing GRUB on the MBR of a NTFS Windows drive. My linux set for for years has been having a windows drive on hda and a linux drive on hdb with GRUB controlling the boot from the MBR of hda.

GRUB will over write the windows default boot loader but thats ok, you don't need it. I have never personally had any exeperence with windows "damaging the drive" because it didn't have the default boot loader.

My recomendation to you since this is the first time I have posted in this thread is this.

Delete the partitions you have made in windows for linux. Just leave your C drive (unless you have windows important data on the other two) so that your hard drive has one NTFS partition on it for windows and then a bunch of un-partitioned space. Then when you install Mandrake (I recomend using at least 10) there will be an option to install it to the unpartition/open space. Use that and it will create everything it needs in that empty space leaving your windows partition alone.

Try that, you should be happy.
Come to think of it, MDK uses Lilo by default - but that shouldnt matter.

Thank you very much for the advice.
One final question. After I download and save iso images I am going to burn it using nero.
Will these CD's be by default becomes bootable CD's or do I have configure that it Nero.

Thanks in advance.
I've burnt plenty of .iso's and .bin's with nero 5 and 6 and never had a problem with a bootable cd not booting without making any changes to the settings. So if it was ripped properly, I would say there is nothing you have to configure though .bin's without the .cue can be tricky until you get used to it. Don't make the mistake that some people do in burning an iso to a data cd. That won't do any good for booting it. Use the nero "Open" command to open an iso.
Ya, the information that makes a CD bootable or not is part of what is encoded into the iso file. So if a iso wants to be bootable thats in the iso, if its not to be bootable, that is also in the iso. You would be amazed at the number of people who do what Jonathan warned you against and then can't figure out why it wont work, but you seem like the kind of guy who knows how to work an iso. wink.gif
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