Yes, I am a dumbass. I am fairly new to unix, about a year (on and off, never primary before) and last night i decided i had had enough of windows. I decided to use Redhat 8 because it is based towards dumbasses like myself (i had a hard time with debian in the past). Anyways, when i was using the "windows-style" install (for newbies) i selected i had a USB mouse by accident... i forgot that i had wireless hooked up to PS/2 (w/ adapter)... then, because one is USB and one is PS/2 (because logitech decided to make a bad product), jsut taking the adapter off won't do. I can get into console w/ KB (obviously), and get around some of the toolbars w/o a mouse. Could someone please explain how i would go about setting up my mouse options again, hopefully w/o spending close to an hour installing it? (i had every program installed with it) Thanks a bunch... i'd normally ask my unix guru brother, but he isn't here for the next few days sad.gif please help!