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Full Version: Installing From Mutiple Cds In Suse 9.2
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Wolfman J
Tring to install software that spans multiple CDs confounds me in SUSE 9.2. I am using the game Unreal Tournament 04 as an example because it has built in Linux instaler. After the first disk is fully installed it instructs to unmount CD and insert next disk then remount. Mabe I'm an Idiot about this, but it's giving me no end of dificulty getting this to happen. Can anybody help me so I don't have to pay for Novell cust. service for help. Thanks in advance....
Okay my way is a little weird but it should work. Luckily I use the same linux system you do so I can help. Before installing the game open up a terminal session. Leave it open and start the install. At the end of the first cd go to the terminal and type "umount /media/cdrom" I always get an error but it will unmount the drive. type eject into the command line to eject the cd and it will eject. Next put the second cd in and type "mount /media/cdrom" in the cd drive.
use this method for as many cd's as u have to install. I might not be a complete expert but this method works for me when I have to install multi cd's in linux. Note the if the drive your using is a DVD drive the drive will be accessed by using /media/dvd not /media/cdrom and if the drive is a burner the access prompt will be /media/cdrecorder not /media/cdrom, I don't know the prompt for DVD burner but I assume it's /media/dvdrecorder. I hope this can help.
Wolfman J
Thanks. biggrin.gif
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