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Full Version: Getting Mac Os X To Run On Linux
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Does anyone know of any good software to let me install a copy of MAC OS X on to my linux box
if it matters I use Suse Linux 9.2 pro
I think OS X only runs on mac architecture.

Here's an article on /. about it:
For OSX running on a X86 then:
Then just use a normal x86 emulator.

You might want to try VMWAre ( which is a commerical product. There is a free trial available though (aafter which you ahvfe to apy an extortionate amount to keep using it). Or maybe try bochs which is an opensource emulator -

I'm surprised that VMware hasn't come up with a way yet to emulate the mac cpu. I am really oblivious to what's involved in that, but it just seems that with everything VMware has done so far (it is a truely great program), you'd think that emulating a different cpu wouldn't be that hard.

But like i said, i'm oblivious. smile.gif
Well, VMWare only does x86 - So all uit's features are relaly quite minor compared to writing a whole CPU emulator. I think PPC is too different to simply build on x86, and would need to be built from the ground up. Still, there is probably a market for it, and they probably have a lot of CPU experts on board, so they could probably do it if they wanted to.

Just yesterday I got Mac OS X 10.3 running under Windows 2000 using PearPC, a PPC Power PC emulator.

Its still in beta and I believe they offer all the source code, although, being a Linux Noob, I have absolutely no idea how one would go about compiling it on Linux.

I'll try to check back on this forum more often, but you may also be able to message me on yahoo (invisible mode or offline message): Jonathan_80063R
You wont be able to compile it for linux, it uses a s#^% load of api calls, so unless you have some way of writting out the api calls....

Why do you want to run OSX under linux anyways? Just a pet project or you got an app you really need?
For the most part I just want to be able to run more app's. Not that linux isn't good but more stuff ports to mac then I can port with WINE. but by running on linux I keep the benfit of having linux there to still use when ever and sense mac runs off unix I can keep the secuity I like.
Odds are you can find every app you need for linux natively, I wouldn't focus a lot fo time on getting OSX to run. It just so difficult because the architecture is fundamentally different.

Usually when you run a virtual machine the program (like VMware of VirtualPC) doesn't actually "emulate" the hardware, what it does is create a second access route to the hardware. Basically it make two queues for everything, especially the processor. The virtual machine still has its commands processes by the hardware, but from a virtual queue.

If you are emulating OSX the commands that OSX wants to nativly pass to the processor and such are not going to work. Thus the emulator has to not just emulate a queue but also an entire processor, converting each processor command from the mac instruction set to the x86 instruction set, then converting the output back from x86 to something OSX can understand. Needless to say "something gets lost in the translation."

Linux is great, if you embrace it you will find that in addition to being a great secure core, there are also lots of apps out there to use, and if you can't find the app you want, come here and ask, odds are one of us will have an idea for you.
Okay, well this lead's to a new question. The new question that i want to pose is. When I try running ./configure for the glibc source I get not found. when I ls the directory I an see Some one maybe you said to chmod -R the directory but that didn't work, I'm so lost!
I would check to make sure you that unpacked the source tarball correctly. Remove the directory (rm -R directoryname) Then unpack the source again. Make sure you use tar -xvzf source.tar.gz to unpack it. Then change into the directory and try ./configure again. You should be able to run make after than, they you will need to become root and run make install

That should work.
Well when I unpacked the file I was in KDE and I usd the auto extract. It created the folder "glibc-0.3.0" then inside that folder I have "glibc-0.3.0". Would using this method extract it right or not.
I don't know, usually, but I can't say for sure one way or the other. Sometimes things go wrong durring the unpacking. I am just trying to figure out why the config file is not seeing the make file if they are really there. The only answer I can really come up with is that something went wrong durring the unpacking.
Accually Guys you can run Mac OS on Linux using a program called Pear
Just take a look.

The Screenshots are found at

Home this info help smile.gif
Or CherryOS for that matter tongue.gif
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