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Full Version: Inbound Smtp Not Working ..
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Hello all,

Just installed Postfix on CentOS 3.4 and uninstalled sendmail, I am able to telnet to localhost 25 and gain access to the smtp server, I am about to send email via webmail and see via the maillog that email is flowing as it should and infact get email .. however inbound port 25 from off the server does not respond, iptables is stopped, Anyone have any ideas what is happening? .. I know in sendmail you have to enable it to listen on the eth interface .. However I can not find the same on Postfix? .. Help!

that is probably what you have to find....not being familiar with postfix that is the first thing i would look for sure its there somewhere
Yeh, there is a list of IP addresses to bind on somewhere (its nicely commented though). just set it to "all"


if I remember it right its

inet_interfaces = all

or something really similiar to this

and it will work

Robert B
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