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Full Version: Win2k/mandrake Talking?
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im running a small lan and considering mandrake oner 2k/nt4 server for a file server. but am having problems getting them to talk.
i have a win2k box currently with 3 80gbs of data.
i have a laptop with mandrake 9 , and allmost all of the packages installed.. i think i checked way to much stuff..
any way got in useing webmin to configure samba.
win2k box seees laptop on network.. pulls up a user/password box.. tried the local acoutn i had made on the laptop.. nada.. i tried root.. nada..
i went back to webmin, created a user with same name as what i was logging into windows box with no password. made sure that samba imported unix accounts etc. all seems well. i can smb://compname/share and pull up folders.. but never see any files. on windoze box i keep gettin the user/pass box. i can vnc back and forth, i can set up ftp server on win box and get in fromn laptop. just not standar "network neighborhood" junk.
i heard there was a problem with 2k sp2.. ldap.. like it uses encrypted passowrds that samba dont understand.

anyway does samba talk to win2k/xp? and vice/versa?

ps.. its to the point i might set up a baby ntserver just to handle a domain .. do dmain account validaiont.. that shoouuld tke care of the user/pass prob.
well.. got windows to see linux shares with samba..
dont know wwhat finally did it..
still not sure what user it is logging in to linux system
and now.. the biggie.. how do i make linux see the windows shares
its should be simple..
cd /mnt
mkdir share
cd share
mount -t smbfs username=<name> password=<passwd> //path//to windows//share //mnt//share
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