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Full Version: Annoying Pls Help! Mplayer ! :*(
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Man this has never happened before..

Using mandrake 10, kde, 2.4x kernel bla .. thing is when i start mplayer.. for some reason now the controls are off the side of the screen - you can even see a little blob on the virtual desktop preview, but cant reach it on the desktop itself.. ok sure i can run a video in full screen and get the pop up controls at the bottom.. no prob.. but when i play a music track i have no control..

also i cant close it from the taskbar by right clicking and going close...... wierd? i reckon..

damn it im gonna reinstall it unless this has happened to anyone else or you know how i can grab it.. weird heh.. i guess ive got the source to the new one so that is probably worth a go...
damn it i recompiled mplayer and reinstalled it - all i get is the text version with no gui.. sad.gif any gui i bring up still ends up off the screen and i cant close it from the taskbar.. i have to go to kdesysguard or whatever and close it manually.. why has this happened? . im just not knowledgeable enough to make it forget the previous settings dont know where all these things really end up or how to get rid of them.. im gonna resort to the old windoze addage.. if it dont work - reinstall O/S - which i really wanna avoid cos ive got an ftp server running and loads of cool stuff i wanna keep.. just as im thinking everything is going really great somthing like this happens i cant fix and its back to square one :*(.. ..

man it must be something i did but what.. ill keep my home dir and reinstall mandrake i guess
meh.. ive got somthing more serious wrong i think.. i get a whole lot of weird stuff when i log out and shutdown - i have done a lot with the system recently and i think ive just let things run as root and do things out of my control a bit too much.. thing is if this was a corporate server i would be in deep es aitch I tea because this is beyond me..

Anyway i guess i cant provide enough details for anyone to help me really so this is the last post ill make about this.. if some admin sees it you may as well lock it cos im just gonna reinstall and start again.. this time being more careful..

linux does rock so i will bear with.. ive had a good day with it and next time things will be easier.. !

keep it real
Dont reinstall!

All your settings get stored in your home directory, so if it is config eror with KDE/Gnome then the problem will still be there.

You ahhvent really left much time for anyone to reply - Posts can take a day or so to get replies, simply because most poele only check once or twice a day.

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