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Full Version: Displaying A Presentation On Multiple Machines
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This problem has been haunting me for weeks. I currently have 4 machines, all running Redhat. Let's say their names are A, B, C, and D. "A" being the server. What I would like to do is allow what I display on A to be displayed on B, C, and D as well. For example if I'm playing a game on my server machine I want what I see on "A's" monitor to be displayed on my other machines for other people to see. The furthest I have gone is "ssh"ing to each machine individually, setting DISPLAY=:0, and running the command to start the program. This gets the programs to come on B, C, and D's computer monitors but they just sit there waiting for input. It has no way of knowing that it needs to display what A displays. I need a way to run it so that A controlls the programs for B, C, and D, or maybe set it up so that B, C, and D listen for whatever packets come out of A and display them. Again if you can help me at all, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!
One option might be to use VNC - Although that is normally a bit too jerky to be sued for anything that moves quicly like games. Might be OK for presentations though

Thanks for the advice, but like you said it wouldn't work well with games. Unfortunately that's what I would be presenting. Still open to suggestions from anyone. Thanks.
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