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Full Version: I Don't Know What Happened To My Speakers!
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Hey guys. I'm new here and I have a question about my sound.
I just had Linux installed on my Thinkpad and the speakers or sound, was working fine until my friend did SOMETHING to it, who knows what, and now, on the taskbar thing, it shows my little blue speaker, but with a red X through it and I have not had sound coming out of my computer sinse Friday night, any suggestions on how to get it back? Its ticking me off hehe, help is appreciated! Oh yeah, whenever I click the speaker, a box that is entitled "Kmix" pops up, and I can't do anything with it, becuase there is nothing there to change, all it says is "Current Mixer" then a blank box next to it with a drop down menu, but there is nothing on the menu! its almost as if she turned them off.

Try right-clicking on that little speaker icon, and go to show mixer, ensure that all the volume controls are turned up and unmuted.

For further control, if you're system is running alsa, open up a console window, and type alsamixer, make sure the correct volume controls are un-muted (i think you can toggle mute with the 'm' key). This is a pretty common problem for people when using alsa because a lot of times, alsa defaults to mute.

After resetting the volume controls, log in as root, and execute:

alsactl store

This will save the settings across reboots.
Ok, thanks a bunch! I'll try it out and get back to you later. Thanks again!
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