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Full Version: Best Distro For Runing Srcds?
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for those who dont know SRCDS is the Half Life 2 Source Dedicated server. I have run my own server on WinXP before but never on linux. I am very new to it and would like to know if that is a stable easy to use, free linux distro out there. like fedora or mandrake or something.

The chances are, that running that, will be like running any other server. You really want the smallest ditribution that you are comfortable with. Obvicouly, if you are a newbie, then compiling a system from the ground up isnt going to be a good idea. But, Mandrake and Fedora are proably too fancy for your needs, having tried using both as Servers, i can tell you that you probably just wont get the sort of relaiability that you would from something like Gentoo. While Gentoo is simpler than some other distros, it can still be quite a duanting task for a Linux newbie. If you want a challenge, go for Gentoo. If not, then try Fedora, but select the "minimal" install which will only isntall the essentials. I doubt X (the GUI layer) is necessary, it only slows things down.

My suggestion would be to download the latest Debian Sarge netinstall cd. The new Sarge cd's have great autodetection, and require only a few screens of input from the user to boot into the system. From there, you can install the hl2 dedicated server.

If you would like to have a more optimized system, you may want to check out Gentoo. You can install using a stage3 install which doesn't take much time at all, and you can install the hl2 dedicated through emerge (already included). You could have that system running in less than an hour in my opinion.

There is plenty of choice out there, but i agree with DS2K3 that Mandrake, Redhat, SuSE, etc. are way too much for your needs.
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