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Full Version: Setting Up Red Hat 9.0 To Be A Gateway
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I am new to linux and would like some help setting up a gateway for my small LAN. I have read so many documents that I am now totally lost.
Have read and followed your guide ipmasq24 and it didn't work, so I must have missed something.
Question, how do I know if MASQUERADING is enabled?
If it is, don't I just point my windows boxes gateway to it for internet?
I have 2 nic's on the linux box on eth1 and on eth0. I can get to the internet fine on the linux box and can ping both nic's from my windows machines. That's as far as it goes, I can ping nothing past the linux computer.

Perhaps you should try a different distro, Red Hat Linux 9 is too big to be just a gateway !i think!.
Personally I use the following distros for gateways:
- Smoothwall
- Coyote Linux
They both configure very easy and have simple setups.
Also Smoothwall has a very nice web interface.
If you can ping the ip address ( from the windows PCs. then it is a DNS issue.
Are you using static IP addresses for the windows PCs?

Look at the /etc/resolv.conf file and enter the IP addresses for the DNS info on the windows boxes.
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