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Full Version: Help With Linking Application Pls ?!
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OK.. basically i have java installed somewhere odd.. but i like it this way i know where it is..

i want to be able to type "java" from anywhere in the console - or call it from an application that just uses that call or whatever

I think i just need to know how to add it to my "path" or summut but i havent managed to find anything that had done the trick yet..isn't there just somewhere i can put a little file saying where java is and it will work from anywhere? pls! ?

Ive got mandrake 10 with KDE.. i use it for everything on my old laptop and i love it but little things like this are holding me back at the moment.. - 1 yr in and im getting better but not leet yet lol .. smile.gif
You are right, you need to set your PATH to include the directory that java is in, without removing the current path . the way I to do it manually(though there isprobally an easierway) is:

echo $PATH

This will show your current path then type:

export PATH="$PATH(the current pathe):(the pathe where java is installed)"

so to simplify if your current path is : "/sbin" and your java path is "/usr/local/lib" you will add type the following command:

export PATH="$PATH/sbin:/usr/local/lib"

how ever this will be deleted every time you log out.
put the following in ~/.bashrc (assuming you use bash, which you probably do)

export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/java

There is a java tutorial which should be reoughly aplciable to all ditros at:

wow.. thanks for the replies.. im hoping that after i follow the step mentioned in the tutorial, it will stay there for good, even after i log out or reboot etc..

Great, one more item off the list thank you thank you smile.gif wub.gif
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