Thank you for reading as I'm sure this question has been visited before, however I would like to direct it towards my own uses/hardware setup.

I'm currently running 4 pc's, 1 attached to a w/lan for my cable modem (which I will be switching to DSL soon) and the other 3 hooked into a lan tied into the pc on the w/lan. I currently run a p4 3.06e and an abit ac7-max3 mobo, ati 9600xt 128mb video, onboard giga lan, onboard 5.1 sound, 2x80gb sata raid 0, 2 120gb+ ide, 1 maddog dvd burner, 1 sony dvd-rom, dlink wireless 802.1b lan card, wireless keyboard/mouse combo, 1gb 2x512mb dc ddr ram. On this comp I host the lan and connect to the w/lan. I also do video editing via digal camcorder and burn quite a bit of dvd's.

Now allow to explain that I havn't used linux since slackware was around version 3 and have forgotten most of what I knew. I remember that certain distros were better suited for certain tasks. I would like to run apache, sendmail as well at ftp on one of the computers, for the other I would like to run a private telenet server and the other two will be running windows if possible. The other systems are generic systems would should definitly be supported by linux however it's the primary system that I quoted that I'm worried about compatability issues. any help would be greatly appreciated.

-Marc Ferrari