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Full Version: Problems With Booting Red Hat
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i have red hat 7.2 and i have three problems that are making red hat unable to boot:

1st: I cant get the graphical logon screen to come up although this isnt a major problem

2nd: When linux is left at the text login screen i get a message saying "starting wine [Failed]" i know that to stop this you have to go into the interactive startup but its very annoying doing this every time, anyone know a way to stop this happening permanantly.

3rd: when i log in as root and use the screenx command to load the desktop i get an error "no screen found" and a list of ati graphics cards above it(my graphics card is ati).

Anyone any ideas on how to remedy these problems?
1 and 3 sound like problems with your XF86Config file (or XF86Config-4). Did X ever work for you?

Chances are you'll have to download the ATI drivers (from their website), and edit your X config file. Or just replace whatever drive you're using currently with vesa. Make sure your monitors syncs are correct! (Google your monitor make/model).

2... you're trying to start WINE? (Wine Is Not an Emulator). Did you add this for a reason? IIRC, you can just 'chkconfig wine off' and that should stop it from starting.

If not, I'm not sure... not very familiar with RH.
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