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This is my first time owning a dedicated server, its a redhat linux 9.0 with webmin control panel and I put a .htaccess file in one of my dirs and it just won't work. I know all of the code in it is correct because it works for my other site that isn't on a dedicated server. Is there some setup proccess I have to do inorder to make the .htaccess file work?
I don't want to password protect a Dictonary, I just want .htaccess to work and I know my code in it is fine since it works on my other server. My dedicated server is acting as though there is no .htaccess in my dir.
You'll have to edit your httpd.conf file then (find / -name httpd.conf)

Can you post your .htaccess file here, so we might know what you need to change?
Most likely you'll just need to add/uncomment:

AllowOverride None (under Options Indexes FollowSymLinks)

And under (Directory Index) line, uncomment/add

AccessFileName .htaccess

Make sure to have the following below AccessFileName line, so people can't view your .htaccess/.htpasswd files.

<Files ~ "^.ht">
   Order allow,deny
   Deny from all
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