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Hi I'm my friend has got me into a desktop called Fluxbox. From the first time that I booted it up I wanted to started developing it. I read one article on editing it and now I want to go deeper and start to make real changs to the interface so could any one stear me in the right direction! Thanks DOCMUR
Absolutely. Fluxbox is excellent, and highly configurable.

I'd suggest, for a starting point that you check out the Fluxbox Documentation. Specifically, read Chapter 10, which deals with themes. Also important is Appendix C, the theme reference.

Fluxbox's appearance is controlled, as I'm sure you know by now, by ASCII text files that tell Flux how to display parts of the WM. Flux themes are actually called *styles* and can be found in the ~/.fluxbox/styles/ directory.

I say to use the references and docs as a starting point, because there are some features and functionality that I've noticed is missing from the docs. Once you get the basics under your belt and get an idea of how a style is written, download a couple from Sourceforge that you like, or where you see a feature you'd like to emulate. Open the style, rename it, make changes, test things, see how it all works, then use what you've learned to create your own. Since the documentation is kinda lacking, much of the cooler stuff you can do (pixmaps, rounded corners, etc) is only found via trial and error.

Some other things that you may be interested in as you customize your desktop to your liking:

fbDesk - icons for your desktop (not a favorite of mine personally, but your mileage may vary)
fbsetbg - for wallpapers (if you use Eterm you can use Esetroot as well)
Fluxter - a slit pager (repeat after me "the slit is not the toolbar")
Fbpager - another slit pager (I prefer this one - I like transparency)
fbcolor - for creating different colored flux styles

^^ the above can all be found at

bblaunch - a unmaintained tool used for launching apps with manipulated attributes. An easy way to get term windows with no window decorations. Written for Blackbox and works perfectly with Flux: BBLaunch.

pogo - A very cool, lightweight application launcher dock that is easily configurable and very pleasing in the eye candy department. Read the docs and listen to the "HearMe" file to get the most out of this relatively unheard of tool: Pogo

Thanks I think that I will check this all out thanks
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