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Full Version: Reading Hidden Files On My Ntfs Hdd From Linux
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Ok, well what happened was apparently a root kit got onto my windows machine and it deleted some dll's and the crucial one was hal.dll, so now it doesnt boot up. I had a dual booting system, (thank god) and i went on to mandrake and i downloaded Captive and i was able to set up my windows hdd to write and read, but now when i try to go read the files in the WINDOWS folder from a GUI and terminal I either get files cannot be displayed or folders do not exist. I have tried using the "view hidden folders" option on konqueror.

Anyone know what to do? huh.gif
I think you need to be root but even so, if your partition is NTFS you cannot write to it from Linux. You are limited to copying off files.

Have a look at They have some utilities which might help. (Windows ones)
Exactly as davefai said, i had a similar problem a while ago, i dual boot with mandrake and i thought great, next time windoze "loses" a .dll ill get it from the CD and whack it in under linux.. not so... write support for ntfs is at an early stage, although i do poses a floppy that will boot an NTFS system and change the administrator (or other) passwords for you by reading the "ntdlr" file, which contains the dycryption information for NTFS.. Nowadays i install on a FAT32 partition, and use a specific encryption software for any windoze files i think require it.. although nowadays im almost solely on linux, the only reason i use windoze is for games because so far there is no 3D acceleration for my laptop ATI graphics card under linux..

Like write support for NTFS, these things are coming, im sure it will only be a matter of time smile.gif - looks like youve learnt the hard way just like me... keep at it tho because the joy of owning a linux system you've tweaked and fixed and got just the way you want is uncomparable to owning anything that M$ does - and you'll be a more cleverer person for it! (!)
I've just found out what Captive is and does. Impressive if it works!

Suggestion: Can you put the affected drive in another Windows PC and see what there is?
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