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Full Version: Internet Explorer In Linux
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I'm a Windows "End User." As such, I am largely restricted to the world of point and click, drag and drop. As time passes, however, I learn more, just from experimenting with Linux (SuSE Linux 9.1), and I find myself on the commandline more often as a result. I found it hard to migrate to SuSE Linux 9.1 though, so I didn't.

Let me say, however, that I am currently migrating away from Windows and to XandrOS 3.0, the most "point-and-click-able, drag-and-drop-able" Linux distro I have ever had the pleasure to encounter - as an "End User" who is still largely restricted to the world of point and click, drag and drop.

Or I could have just said that I'm a Linux n00b.

I suppose I should get to the subject already.

XandrOS 3.0 comes with Codeweaver's Crossover Office 4.1. It has the ability to install many Windows apps, including IE and WMP 6.4.

There are so many viruses, malware, adware, and a host of other crap that specifically target IE, which is why, while in Windows I use Firefox.

If I were to install IE in XandrOS via Crossover Office (which is built on Wine), will IE be affected by these viruses, malware, adware, and the host of other crap that specifically target IE, or will XandrOS 3.0 (based on Debian Sarge) sheild IE from these nasties?

What about ActiveX for both IE and Mozilla, while in XandrOS (via Crossover Office)? Can the use of ActiveX in IE and Mozilla, in XandrOS (via Crossover Office) still be a securety threat, or will XandrOS Linux sheild IE and Mozilla and thus my system from the evil nature of crackers and other black hats out there?
IE6 will run under the standard Wine system. It will still ahve any security holes, however the effect will proably be negligible as the programs that get in through them wont be able to run without Wine (assuming that they could run on top of it anyway).

I'm not sure what ActiveX controls would do. Presumably they would only have access to your "dummy" windows drives, so would have no wider security risk.

Most of the problems witrh IE / ActiveX occur because it is so tightly integrated into Windows. When run on top of wine, the potential hoels are still there but have no wider implications because Wine only provides access to the fake windows drives that it uses. Its not that Xandros shields anything, its just that the security holes dont "go" anywhere.

Excellently explained! I understood quite well. Thank you!

You know, I was beginning to worry. 52 views and no replies, until you did as viewer 53 (I'm presuming you were viewer #53). I was beginning to think either no one knew the answer to the question, or that I had asked a question so dumb as to warrant no response at all.

Thanks for your reply and for your well reasoned answer. You've just added to my understanding of all things 'Linux.'

Edit - a few minutes after posting the above profusely thankful post to your (seemingly) most helpful reply to my (seemingly) most dumb n00b @$$ed question ever posted:

Ouch! I have been slapped! What is the meaning of this?!

Seriously, did I just get data mined, keylogged or some other such thing - while on Linux, after seeking the answer to the meaning of life?
Possibly IE had something done to it, but nothing will ahve been installed on your Linux Box, because unless someone has crafted a new threat which gets into Linux via IE under Wine (very very very unlikely), then it wont be able to run.

Well, I was using Firefox on XandrOS 3.0 when I clicked on your link, "The Meaning Of Life." I see the link is gone now. I just thought it was the most curious thing, "getting slapped with a trout."

Thanks for your further explanations on how IE on Wine, in Linux would not neccessarily affect a Linux machine with it's flaws. It was quite informative.
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