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Full Version: Welcome To My Hell!
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I installed Mandrake 10.0 today, and I am experiancing major problems...

This is the 4th time I have installed Linux on a machine, and the 4th time that I am about to give up...

I created the images of Mandrake, and then started install. I have a USB mouse, and it failed to recognize it. I put a non-USB mouse in it, and it still failed... I installed it without using the mouse, and it loads. I went in the Mouse config utility within KDE and after I was done, it said to restart XWindows. I dont know how to restart Xwindows, so I just Restarted the machine. When it was done restarting... I was left with a blue screen, and a red mouse prompt. The mouse didnt work. Nothing else was on the screen, just blue.

Alt-Tab switched between Desktops was still allowed,
Ctrl-Tab also worked, but showed no more applications

Dont Know what to do... Would really like to learn unix, but the task has been so daunting.

Please Help
Your mouse doesn't work... very strange. =/

Plug in the non-usb one, and try this:

cat /dev/mouse

Move your mouse around... is there any activity on your console window?

If not, try cat /dev/psaux and move your mouse around again. If one of these works, and one doesn't then, your mouse *is detected*, just not by XF86Config.

Edit /etc/X11/XF86Config (or XF86Config-4) and change your mouse's location from /dev/mouse (or whatever doesn't work) to /dev/psaux (or whatever does work).

If there is no activity, did your mouse work in windows? Or whatever OS you had installed?

Make sure to try this with the USB mouse please as well as the PS/2 mouse.
You should try installing using "alt1 noauto" or whatever alt* it is for the non 2.6 kernel

this will load the kernel that is not 2.6** ... there have been some problems with this kernel and the way it detect mice and USB.

I think..

i use mandrake 10 on my laptop and it works great.. it is a steep learning curve tho and you gotta be prepared to do some reading!
Before setting up the mouse in KDE, do so in "Configure my Computer", Hardware, Mouse.

Some other hints:

Try 10.1.

Use a PS/2 mouse for the setup and if you have any "exotic" hardware you could remove it and add it back later.

Before you start have a look in the PCI section of your BIOS setup. Whatever the setting for "PnP OS" is, reverse it. (Don't ask me why but this has helped in the past).
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