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Full Version: Starting To Compile My Kernel For Suse Linux 9.2
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Okay so now I'm ready to start and to learn how to compile my kernel. I want to remove all of the extra drivers that I don't need and I want to remove the ones that I don't use. I heard that the kernel can run faster and the system will boot faster if the kernel is made to the systems custom spec's. So can some help me with figuring out how to make my kernel my own! I guess what I really want to know is how can I tell what I can remove and what I can't remove!

we can't really provide you with a step-by-step guide here, since what your kernel needs and what it does not needs depends entirely on your enviroment... for example you might need wireless support but you might not.

What I would reccomend however is, buy youreself some stuff to eat and lots of cola, sit down in front of a test linux computer, download the kernel souces from , if you have kernel 2.4.x download 2.4.x sources , if you have kernel 2.6.x download kernel sources 2.6.x .

you could use the guide from the guides section to prepare the kernel, but when you get to the make part do a make xconfig , (you need x running for this), and browse trough the stuff, it provides descripition about everything that is changeable.

Robert B
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