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Full Version: Bit Quiet...
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It's been a bit quiet lately in the social area...

I think we are sorely lacking in random, off-topic conversation such as "Why dont freezers have lights?" and "Cat/Toast powered cars" (Just some of the interesting topics I have discussed elsewhere).

Maybe a story game (one perosn adds a line to a story at a time) would liven things up. It can be fun, and helps get poeple to stick around.

My freezer has a light....
I just locked my roommate in my freezer so he can tell me if the light goes off when I close the door.

I would have an answer for you, but I had to go to class, so I will get it when I get back, I hope my roommate is ok in the freezer.
Mine has a light in it, it's the cats ass
How do you make a cat sound like a dog?

Poor gass all over it and light a match, Woof!

How do you make a dog sound like a cat?

Freeze it and then put it through a band saw, mewoooo!

Well, here in england we dont seemt o have lights in our freezers. We emailed Elctrolux, and they said only the top of the libne freezers come with lights, and they didnt reccoemnd we attempted to install one ourselves. We started a Yahoo group deciated to freezer-modding -

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