I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for this probably simple problem. I a linux noob and I'm just trying to get Fedora Core 3 to recognize my hard drives. I have two hooked up to my Asus P4C800E deluxe by the Promise Controller(PDC 20378). I'm not using any RAID functions, just normal PATA. I downloaded the drivers from ASUS for linux. I followed the directions which were extract the archive to a floppy and run the install program. When I run the install, I get the following error:

[root@localhost RHUPV1.00.0.13]# sh install
FastTrak Driver(ft3xx) Installation...failed
No suitable driver found
make sure driver disk is right

I tried running it from the hard drive instead of the floppy. I also tried a few other similar drivers that I thought might have worked.

Any ideas that anyone has would be awesome.

Also, a related question. Does anyonek know what driver would be correct for a Maxtor SATA/ATA PCI card that I only have an IDE drive attached to?