To quote the online guide I'm following: "Also be aware of the name of the platform's dynamic linker, often referred to as the dynamic loader (not to be confused with the standard linker ld that is part of Binutils). The dynamic linker provided by Glibc finds and loads the shared libraries needed by a program, prepares the program to run, and then runs it. The name of the dynamic linker will usually be On platforms that are less prevalent, the name might be, and newer 64 bit platforms might be named something else entirely. The name of the platform's dynamic linker can be determined by looking in the /lib directory on the host system. A sure-fire way to determine the name is to inspect a random binary from the host system by running: readelf -l <name of binary> | grep interpreter and noting the output. The authoritative reference covering all platforms is in the shlib-versions file in the root of the Glibc source tree."

This sounds good, but running readelf on a random file in the "lib" folder gets me nothing useful. Am I just missing it, if so where should I look, otherwise what else can I do to get it?