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Full Version: Localhost Problem
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I get the following error message quite often and I can't seem to get host.conf correct so this message does not occur. Everything appears to work OK just this annoying message.

/etc/host.conf: line 2: bad command ` parents

host.conf looks like this:

order hosts,bind parents localhost.localdomain localhost

parents is the log in name we use. The computer name is 'study' and we are running on a smoothwall network called...'smoothwall'. I am using FC3 if that makes any difference.

Can someone let me know what host.conf should look like.


mine looks like this :

[root@saruman root]# cat /etc/host.conf
order hosts,bind


[root@saruman etc]# cat /etc/hosts
# Do not remove the following line, or various programs
# that require network functionality will fail.               saruman.middleearth.vir saruman localhost.localdomain localhost            saruman.middleearth.vir

localhost is defined in hosts

the hostname of the computer is saruman.middleearth.vir (vir=virtual,used on my internal lan only, so it wouldn't cause problems with real internet addresses)

Robert B
Hey Thanks Robert, That has fixed it up, so easy and so quick

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