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Full Version: Debian: Upgrading To 64bit
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Background: I have recently started a 1 year work placment at a defense organisation. I know how to USE a linux system fairly well, and i can do basic installs of most distros, providing they autodetect hardware decently. The fine/hard points are generally lost on me though. As part of my work, i am creating a front end/processor for some expensive, 64bit, software, and setting up a linux server to serve this. A amd64 cpu will be used, but the server has not arrived yet, so no details on hardware.

Now that ive described the situation, onto the problem. Assuming i have a reasonably working and configured debian system, how do i upgrade it to 64bit cpu + software support?

The offical howtos and various documentation ive found has been scetchy, and far too complex to be of any use to me. They also assume bunches of knowlage that i dont really have.

So, i am searching for a complete, detailed, step by step sort of guide for this. It doesnt need to be so easy a total idiot could follow it, just include all the steps so someone without detailed linux knowlage can properly complete the process without having to try guessing intermediate steps.

You will have to dwonload a 64-bit version of the distribution. I expect Debain have one, I know Mandrake and Gento do, aaswel as most others... Then it should be basically the same as installing on any other architecture.

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