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Full Version: How To Create An Iso From A Audio Cd?
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cagey cretin
I have a working, red-book compliant audio CD. Not copyrighted, stuff, just some audio. It plays in every CD player I can find.

What I want to do is create an ISO image of this CD. That way, my sister only has to double-click it and burn it with her Windows software.

I've tried mkisofs, but the errors returned say I/O error.
I've tried dd (dd if=/mnt/cdrom of=cd.iso) and I get the same error.

I've tried this mounting the CDROM, and unmounted; as a user and as root.

TIA for any thoughts.

I'm pretty sure you can't make an ISO image of an audio cd. The very nature of ISO conflicts with audio cd's. See, ISO comes from the ISO9660 standard which defines the file structure of a cd, and an audio cd is not a filesystem, it's raw data. You will most like have to rip the songs to wav or mp3, and then create a project file in whatever program you use (K3b should be able to do this easily), therefore you can just load up the project file for burning.
One method:
# Copy CD using cdrdao
cdrdao read-cd --device <your device> --read-raw --datafile mydata.bin -v 99 mydata.cue
cdrdao write --device <your device> --overburn -v 99 --speed <burning speed> mydata.cue
cagey cretin
Hey guys,

Thanks for weighing in. I have Cue/Bin files already. But, I want a single image that can be double clicked from a windows app. I've seen it work (not making the image; rather, the burning of the image) with Easy CD Creator...
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