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Full Version: Mac On Amd 64 2800 +
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Well who could guess DOCMUR wants help. I need to know if the new MAC OS X will run on my AMD 64. I want to run MAC and LINUX so I never have to touch windows. Because MAC is on UNIX I can use it with out insulting LINUX. MAC has so much compatibility that it could slove all my probelms. So if someone could get back to me that would rock!.
Mac OS only runs on PPC Processors. You might be able to get a PPC emulator though and run it on top of that, but it wont run natively.
Actually there is a project to port Darwin i.e. MAX OSX to Intel processors.

I would assume it would run on a AMD 64. I have no idea how well it works.
x86 (intel, AMD ...) architecture, just like Sun's SPARC architecture is completely different.

I know people who have gotten OSX to run on x86 computers but its slow as snot, unstable as all begotten non-sense, and actually makes Windows look good. In general, I think its a sin to run OSX on PCs. OSX is a wonderful piece of OS mastery and running it on a machine that can't do justice to it is an insult. But thats just my belief.

Just install a good Linux distro and make it nice and cozy for you, then you wont need Windows or OSX. Or, do what I do, and get a Mac to use in addition to your linux box, that way you can have Linux and OSX as they were both intended to run.
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