Hi There,

(Firstly, I know almost nothing about Linux, so please forgive my ignorance!)

I've just installed Sun Java Desktop system, which I understand runs SUSE Linux, on a Dell Inspiron 3800. I have a SMC 2208 USB Ethernet Connector (one of these... http://www.geizhals.net/a128552.html although not in German!).

From here... http://www.qbik.ch/usb/devices/showdev.php?id=1095 it appears that it uses the same chipset as a Linksys Etherfast 10/100 Compact USB network adapter.

Basically I'm trying to get the thing to work, and I can't!

Within YaST2 no network devices are detected. I then carry out the following process:

In Network cards to configure it says Other (not detected).
Click Configure...
Displays Network device: Ethernet, Device number: 0
At the bottom there's an option for USB, I tick this.
Click Next.
Say Network device: eth-usb-0
I then set a static IP address, configure host name, name servers and routing (through which is the PC actually connected to the external internet).

After clicking OK, in the already configured device box it says:

USB Ethernet network card
Configured as eth-usb-0 with address

When I click finish it writes the configuration, set's up network services, etc.

After this, no connection, nothing. I can't ping the linux PC from any other PC, browser doesn't work, etc.

Next to the clock is a connection icon, with a connection name of 'lo' and an IP address of loopback ( I was sort of expecting that once fully connected to the network another one would appear.

Any help or trouble shooting processes anyone could give would be appreciated.

Thanks, David.