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Full Version: Pc Hanging After Xinetd Ok Message
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First time after I installed Linux worked fine ... I rebooted my machine went back to it froze after the Xinetd OK line ... What's happening ? What Xinetd ? I know it's some kinf of network program ... Just in case it affects anything I'm using this pc connected to another one by ethernet so I can have it on the internet . The main computer the one that has the cable modem conected to has WIN XP installed on it .
It's odd to have xinetd freeze on you on boot up. Inetd is the internet superserver for a linux system, it listens for incomming connections on different ports and executes the proper program (daemon) to accept the connection.

The only way I can see Xinetd freezing is if your system is having trouble bringing up it's network interface. Like everything else in the linux bootup screen, if you leave it long enough, it will fail the start of xinetd and continue on with the bootup. It may seem like a long time, but it will by-pass and continue. When you finally do boot into your system, log in as root and run "ifconfig" and see if your eth0 interface is up. Your network may not be configured right. What distro were you running again?
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