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Hi.....I'm a new user of Linux.I tried to install Linux red hat 7.1 on my Pc (P3 512MB).I have a Hercules 3D Prohpet 4000 XT 64MB video card.When I configure the card isn't listede and the only resolution available is the 8 bit 800x640.This means that the graphics is a mess (huge icons).What can I do to resolve this problem?
(and sorry for the mistakes)
RedHat 7.1? suggest you try sometihng considereably more up to date. Fedora is based on RedHat, and can be found at

Any other way using RH 7.1?
I reckon I'm having the same problem, but with Mandrake 9.2. I've got an Intel 82865G graphics card (on a Dell machine) which i don't think is listed in the x-server console. consequence is, when I choose anything other than an 800X640 resolution, the desktop is twice the size of my screen. I thought about switching distros, but suse 9.2 wont even load YASTe properly (lot of black pannels that should be telling me about the installation procedure). I'm told I might need to find a specific driver for the card, which I guess you do too, but hell knows where!

Any thoughts from the experts out there?
This is related to the drivers you are using, and possibly your choice of monitor too.

The driver will have a maximum resolution set, which cannot be exceeded. In addition, the monitor chosen will affect the highest resolution that the driver will actually provide. However, as mentioned it is possible to run a high resolution on a lower resolution monitor, resulting in the "desktop is bigger than the screen" problem.

The only way to solve this would be to find a better driver fo your hardware. Failing that, you can get a modest mainstrean graphics card for a very reasonable price nowadays. Both ATI and nVidia provide Linux drivers, although nVidia ones are considered the easiest to install.

Try putting the model number of your graphhis card inbti google along with "linux" and possibly "driver" eg "82865G linux". There is also a google search specific to linux-related pages, at

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