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Full Version: Installing Two Linux Distributions On One Hdd
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is this possible? if so how?
Here's the method i use.

This is a lot easier with a clean hard drive to start with.

First off, I create a partition about 100-120mb in size, then a second partition for swap, then two logicals (more if you would like each distribution to have multiple partitions. So, my system would look something like this:

The first partrtion, /dev/hda1, will be the /boot partition for each os, so their kernel images, as well as grub config files will be shared among all distributions. /dev/hda2 for swap that will be shared amongst both distributions (remember, only one system booted at once, so only one can use the swap at one time). I create a extended partition for the 2 linux partitions just because it seems more organized.

So, when you install your first distribution, let that one format your drive for you, and you set up the partitioning scheme (leave the other distributions partition untouched). After installation, you can go and install the second distribution, this time, you tell it to mount /boot from /dev/hda1 and tell it to NOT format the partition.

Some distributions will automatically pick up the other kernel images in the /boot partition and make entries for them, but not all. You may have to add in the other one manually.
sweet, worked first time, even though im a LINUX n00b ph34r.gif
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