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Full Version: Text Viewing Trouble
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Hi, im new to linux but so far i have had no troubles, i recently had to re-install mandrake due to upgrades in hardware, since i have re-installed the only problem i have had is with text, not just when viewing a text document, but with text in general. It is hard to explain but parts of letters are thick and some are thin, but it is not a constant change in thickness.
I have tried changing fonts and changing size but still no luck.
when i mean text, i mean everything, from program heading to drop down menus to folder names, descriptions..... everything, i can still read what it says, but after a while it beging to strain my eyes....
does anyone know how to fix this problem.....?
i would appreciate any help given.

cheers Brendan
By viewing text I am guessing you mean in X-Windows and not in console. If this is the case, what Window manager (or desktop environment) are you using? Have you attempted to use Anti-aliased fonts, they are quite nice, and makes almost all text problems go away. KDE has a simple button you can click to get it going provided you have the proper packages installed.

What distribution are you running?
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