Hi! I cannot get my sound card (Creative SoundBlaster Live! Value) to work in mandrake. I've tried many different things but this bitch wont work ha. I've messed with the 3 drivers they give me..audigy, snd emu10k1, or emu10k1. I've tried all three, and none work. I've turned the sound systen on and off, I've set the skip prevention to the highest possible priority (realtime priority) I'm positive my speakers are plugged in fine and that my soundcard is in correctly because sound works perfectly in XP. I'm somewhat of a Linux noob, but not so much that I cannot navigate around KDE. I've messed with all the audio programs (KMix, Amarok, etc) I'm unsure if I need to alter the kernel or do something with ALSA. I used to get an error message but do not anymore, said something about altering the aRts. I know what those do, but I have no idea how to alter them. ..Help would be GREATLY appreciated in any form.

thank you