Hi, a quick question from a to-be newbie.
I recently installed redhat 9.0 on a pentium 4. After the installation I attempted to run the DCTC rpm, a dc hub text based client, but found that the rpm would not run. I attempted to install other rpms, and found that using both the rpm -i and rpm -ivh commands would not work. The command
[root@d****** root]# rpm -i dctc-0.85.9-1.i686.rpm would only result in the curser being on the left hand of the screen flashing without a command promnt. I figured that it may just be processing, but 5 minutes later I determined that it would not run. I tried using a graphical interface but double clicking on it did nothing. All of the rpm's I have tried to install have been x86's and I cant figure out the problem. Am I missing a Package? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.