hi guys

i've been using redhat for awhile now. Mainly on a virtual machine on my windows pc at home. However yesterday i must have done something to it, as i can't load in properly.
I fully updated the kernal as per the auto redhat update thingy, rebooted and it was fine, i then installed the nvidia drivers (fx5600) and they seemed to have been all fine after reboot. Then i was fiddling about, unistalling the copy of samba that comes with redhat, and installing the newest version.
I was trying to get swat to work, and changed the line in the /etc/xinetd.d/swat file telling swat to be enabled, and tried to restart. The reboot went fine and then cam to the loginscreen. I chuck in my details and the comp accepts them, then pauses and loops back to the login screen again. i cna access the shell and login fine that way. Any ideas how to get my graphics back?