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Full Version: Wireless Adapter Problem
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I have installed Xandros 3 on my computer, alongside Windows XP, which is on another partition. The wireless adapter I have installed for the computer works great on Windows, but it cannot be detected by the Linux OS. The wireless adapter is a Netgear Wireless USB Adapter 54 mbps. The driver that came with the adapter only installs the drivers for Macs and PCs.

Help Please!
Please search the forums for 'ndiswrapper'. smile.gif That should fix your problem.
Hi everyone - Thank you for this site...I am actually a windows programmer (don't hate me sad.gif ) but a friend was telling me about Linux and January 1st 2005 - I partitioned my drive and installed linux (Suse 9.2 Distro). I love it - It reminds me, in some respects, of the days I spent as a VMS admin. I would use it constantly a home if it weren't for the fact that I can't get on my wireless network. Please...someone continue this discussion...I have been following all the Wireless Network Discussions avidly and trying every thing in them - to no avail. Any thing to add to the discussion above?


"Just press the right key at the right time" J.S. Bach
Run "lsmod" as root to get a list of currently loaded kernel modules.

What happened when you tried using ndiswrapper?

Hi - Thats the thing...I have read in a couple of posts about ndiswrapper but cannot find it on my system and can't find a post on here on how to find or or how to use it...Can you help? Thanks for the reply though. I will look into 'ismod' as well.

Newbie Zack
"Just press the right keys at the right time" - J.S. Bach
thats an L in lsmod

You might need to install ndis wrapper, in which case either find a binary package for nyour distro (eg an RPM, but im not sure what Xandros uses) or downlado the surce code and install it yourself.

The ndiswrapper homepage can be found at

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