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Full Version: I've Installed Mandrake 9.0 In A Weird Way !
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I wanted to try linux so I did this : I have a spare hard drive that was not beeing used , so I formated it . I disconnected my using HD ( which has win xp on it ) and connected my spare one , then installed Linux on it BUT now I'm getting sick of changing conections every now and then whenever I wanna get back to xp ! Any way of using a boot selector or something like that ? Is this "LILO" a boot selector ? Could I use it ? And one more thing while we're at it : What driver should I get from nvidia if I'm using a Geforce 4 ti 4200 128mb ??? Well thanks mates I hope this is a fairly simple question so I don't bother you guys to much ! laugh.gif
Now I'm totally fucked ! I tried installing something called zboot , and it screwed up my MBR or something , when I tried switching on my pc it says select OS and there's only one option when I tried to select it it said NO OS ! What the fuck ???
Okay, first off, you should have installed LILO with a configuration of something like this:

hda1 --> Windows XP
hdb1 --> Mandrake

When the computer boots up it would give you an option of loading windows and mandrake.

Right now, you will have to boot linux up with your trusty bootdisk that I am sure you made during installation (you did make one right??). When you boot into linux, you can go ahead and install lilo. This will prevent you from doing the ridiculus task you mentioned above of switching cables.
Thanks I've managed to correct my instalation by simply conecting the 3 hds at the same time and reinstalling Linux but now I have another problem ... The system sometimes hangs after the "xinetd ok" line ...
Or if You still want to use two hard drives you can get a removable hard drive bay for about 25 bucks and use that to change operating systems. This way you don't have to worry about windows or Linux messing with each other.

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