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Full Version: Network Traffic Monitor Recommendation
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I have just set up a small network in my house consisting of 2 PCs each with a Slack10 install.

I have a laptop workstation and a desktop server machine.
I was looking around for some decent network traffic monitors that will run from the console. (considering I want the monitor running on my server machine which is not running X.)

I noticed there was an equivalent amount of net monitors as there are asshats trying to use them. biggrin.gif

So, if anyone has been using one for quite some time (CLI, mind you) and has a recommendation, with some supporting reasons... tongue.gif, I would love to hear!

Also- would it be wiser to run the monitor on my server? Or possibly set up something like a monitor daemon that I could read from a browser on my workstation? Thanks.

btw- I just had to see this ninja in action: ph34r.gif
I'm not quite sure about other network monitors out there, but to get a quick check on my network, i use 'iptraf' which is available in almost all linux distributions.
I don't have 'iptraf' installed, but I figure I can install it and check it out!

If it doesn't suit my needs: I'll post again. tongue.gif
I think what you may be looking for is MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher).

It's easy to setup (I recommend you get the rpm) and the graphs give you a nice analysis of your traffic.
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