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Full Version: Cd Drive Problem
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Hey guys..

Aint been here in a while tongue.gif

Hey ive just upgraded my computer... went from a p3-800 to a amd duron 1100.. so new motherboard, cpu, ram and case p/s.

I swapped my cdrw and hard drive disk drive... pci cards etc over from my old system.

Since this has happend my cdrw drive will burn but won't read any data... it sees wats on the drive.. but cannot copy from it...

Im actually running M$ win xp on this system :$.. but its not os because i cant even boot my knoppix cd... it starts to but then dies after a lil bit.

Any ideas?


Wolfsta huh.gif
Not really, just start with basic troubleshooting since you say it is not OS specific.

Have you verified that the jumpers on the drive are correctly configured.

Have you verified that the data ribbon cable installed correctly i.e. red strip nearest pin 1 and seated all the way into the connector?
Sorry yes... tend to overlook writing the little things i guess after 13 years computing lol.. cable ok jumpers ok... it detects it fine in bios... burns just doesnt read :-|

Have since tried the cdrom in another machine and it works fine... put another drive into its place and same problem... im guessing something with motherboard but dunno where to start.

Maybe faulty??? just a side note... tried to change bus speed from 100mhz to 133 and it just wont boot at all? am i missing something? or does it sound like something wrong with motherboard.


Have you verifed the data cable is good?
Yes i have tried another cable
Does this motherboard have dual IDE channels? If so have you tried using the other one. I'm out of ideas at the moment. It Could be the motherboard.
well it has primary and secondary and no i will try running it as a slave on the primary if the cable reaches :S

Its a fic am35 motherboard


Thanks for the help have found the problem.

Was talking to a guy i get second hand computers through so he knows of heaps of little querky problems...

He has had problems with hp mainboards and running samsung drives together finds them and says working but just doesnt..

Replaced my btc drive with a LG drive and works perfectly... the BTC drive i put in another machine and works perfectly. Just a compatibility issue with that mainboard im guessing.

Thanks again

Wolfsta smile.gif
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