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Full Version: How To Recognise A Partition?
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Hi, very new Suse user here, I want to install my Suse 9.2 on to a partitioned drive, I choose to install manually after reading a help forum so I could select the drive.
I have 2 hard drives, I want to install on a partition I made on one of the drives, the problem is Linux reads them as HD/1, HD/1, HD/5 is there a way to tell the partitions apart? as I have a lot of work on the drive I don't want to make a mistake. If I let Suse install automatically will I get a say in where it goes? Hope I made sense, Adrian
HI I posted a question the other day about how to recognise a partiton, I sorted it useing the set up menu "Change" button which listed the sizes of the partitions e.g. 18.0GB HPFS/NTFS(dev/hdb5) and 58GB HPFS/NTFS/devhdb1) as opposed to:/hdb1 and /hdb1. these are 2 partitions on the same drive. I also had another drive. this is how they displayed
this is how it was
/hdb1 was main C: windows drive 38GB HPFS/NTFS/DEV
/hdb1 was second HDD 58GB HPFS/NTFS/dev
/hdb5 partiton 18GB HPFS/NTFS/dev

hope this might help any others with the same problem? Adrian
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