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Full Version: Gentoo Install
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I'm a intermidate linux user and have used suse linux for the past 3 years. lately I have been thinking about moving into the world of Gentoo linux. I have looked at the install guide and notice that there is a lot of config to work with. so what I want to know is if I use the gentoo install what would be the best stage to use. I have never had to work with the amount of config that the gentoo wants and I'm unsure of my skill. Well I can clearly see that stage 1 is out my skill do you think I would start with stage 2 or 3 and if there any one that would make some sence of the install handbook. I'm going to use the AMD 64 2004.3 live cd. Will the AMD 64 version install in VMware.
To get to my point I just want a direction in this new distro. So for any one that knows more then me can you help me to make the best choice.

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreacated. Thanks DOCMUR
Well, the only real difference is time ... all the configuration tools and setup is the same.

You should be able to install gentoo via VMware.

The first time you do:

emerge -uD world

it is going to update/recompile all the system packages anyway.

I would recommend stage 1 ... the whole purpose of Gentoo is to rebuild your own binaries ... and kernel, glibc, sshd are the most important ones.

If not doing a stage 1, then do a stage 3 and update later.

That is my opinion
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