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Full Version: Name For The Network-wall Thingie
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Can anyone tell me where I can buy (or if not that, the name for) the face that you'd connect to a cat5e cable, that allows you to plug in another cat5e cable into a wall?

Sorry for the poor explanation. <.<
Lemme take some guesses and attempt to jog your brain:

Wall plate/Wall jack/Wall socket/No official name for this - When all you have is an ugly hole in your wall with a cat5e cable hanging out of it, this is the thing you install to cover up the hole and provide a place to plug a cat5e cable in

Hub - Think sort of like a signal splitter. This allows you to physically connect more devices to your router than your router has ports for

Extension/Female-to-Female adapter/?? - A little thing with two jacks (female cat5e connectors) on each end, allowing two sections of cat5e cable to be connected end-to-end

Other than that, I really don't know... try adding the following information:

- How many connectors on it? Include wether each connector is male or female (if you don't already know, yes, it's the same as the dirty/naughty explanation), and what that connector normally goes to. Example: A hub normally has five female connectors, one going to the router, four going to other devices.
- Where it's located in your network topology. Example: This thing is between my computer and my cable modem. (Router)
- Rough estimate of the physical size. Example: The wall jack for my cable internet is standard US wall outlet size, or about the size of a deck of cards.

Hope that helps some! laugh.gif
Thanks, wall jack and plate was what I was looking for.

And I was going to ask the name for what you just named "Extension/Female-to-Female adapter".

Thank you very much! smile.gif

The thing is, some jackass cut one of my wires in the basement (was like 250ft of wire, coming from the telephone room to my dad's new office... and he cut it about 15 feet away from where I need the net to go to). So basically I can connect his laptop to the net in the closet, but not by his desk. xD

And since just splicing the wires together didn't work (Hey, was worth a shot), the next best thing seems to be a female-female adapter.

That or do more "work". wink.gif

*hands him a cookie*
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