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Full Version: What Distro Should I Use?
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Hello, I read the other topic about this and I understand that choosing a distro is personal choice. Yet I know very little about linux and and looking to run it on a rather old laptop. What I'm mainly looking for it to do is watch movies like mpg's and avi's on. The laptop is a P233 MMX with 32 megs of ram and a 2 gig hard drive... (Toshiba Satilite 2500CDS I think) I may also do some lite web browsing other then that nothing else matter... I just want it to run reasonable smooth and thats it. Any suggestions on what would be good to use would be great. Thanks
There are several resources that may be able to help you with your decision, the best probably being, they don't have your specific laptop listed, however they do have some from Toshiba listed.

My suggestion would be something lightweight, perhaps Debian could be a good choice, so you can start out with a minimal system, and add what you need. With only 32 mb of ram, your choices are pretty limited for graphical display, you may have to use a minimalistic window manager like blackbox, fluxbox or windowmaker.

Your best choice overall is to use an older distribution release, it may not be pretty, but it should work.
Thanks for you help, I'm going to try the Debian 3.0 and see how that works... I've also considered damnsmalllinux too but I don't know much about it. If I can't get Debian to work my next try will be Mandrake I think....
I'm downloading the debian-30r4-i386-binary-1_NONUS.iso I hope this is the right one... if this isn't could someone please direct me to the right one... also in case this doesn't work what version of mandrake would be worth trying and where would I get it.

On a side note how come mandrake 10 is 6 CD and they want money for it or for free you get 3 CD what is on all these disks? and what kinda prefomance do you get with the AMD 64-bit chips?

Thanks for the help
TO put it simply, you get more software with the paid version of Mandrake. The downlaod edition doesntyy have Flash, Java or nVidia drivers etc. becasue they aren't open sourcce

True, but nVidia makes their drivers available for download seperately, and I know that at least Mozilla Firefox has plugins for Flash and Java provided directly by Macromedia and Sun Microsystems.
Hi, Believe it or not I also own a Toshiba 2500CDS and have spent a lot of time trying to find the right distro. However first and best piece of advice is to buy some more RAM for it. It can be done as I purchased an extra 64Mb less than 12mths ago - it makes a world of difference allowing you to make use of a decent GUI.

I am pleased to be running Slackware 10.0 with KDE 3.2 on this old croc of a laptop. Still needs a little tweaking but running well.

How are you getting on with your project? biggrin.gif
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