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Full Version: Monitor Screen Size
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I have recently installed Linux for the first time, I installed SuSE 9.1 Personal, and I cant access half of the screen. I cannot hit the _ [] X in the top right hand corner of the window. And I cant find the start menu. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Many thanks,
Ashley Snowdon

Control Alt +


Control Alt -

(The + and - you want to use are on the right side of your keyboard, near the numeric pad)
OK, I will try this. I would take a screenshot, but I cant get to the menu. blink.gif
A little trick with most window managers, if you're full window isn't viewable, you can press and hold Alt, and then left click anywhere in the window to move it around. To resize a window, press and hold alt, and right click to resize. This doesn't work for all window managers, for example, i'm not sure if this works for Gnome, but i do know it works for KDE and WindowMaker.
Hmm, I have only just got back from work. But it seems that what you are saying wont help me. The cursor doesn't strech throughout the whole of my monitor size. Here is a quick sketch of what it is looking like:

Say the whole picture is my monitor and what i see. The cursor cannot go into the black part. So basically, i only can see a small area, I dont know how to configure it all properly. Hope the sketch helps.

Also, it is not a window, it is my whole desktop.
Have you tried playing with the knobs on the monitor? Maybe the image is just being projected in the wrong place

I will be using Windows and Linux on seperate hardrives. If I fiddle about with the knobs on the monitor on Linux, will it effect the appearence on Windows aswell?

Many thanks.
Yeah, it will affect windows as well.

If you can, open up a console window while in X, and run 'xvidtune' or 'Xvidtune', and see if you can adjust from there.
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