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Full Version: Suse 9.2 Pro
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Can anyone tell me if there is any great advantage to buying the pro verdion of SUSE ( Or anyother Distro ) or with some work installing programs is the downloaded version as good???

Thank You biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
9.2 Pro basically gives you more tools (like gcc, g++) that are very important, IMHO, especially when you're compiling your packages 99% of the time.

There is a workaround (Personal doesn't disable anything, really, just doesn't enable certain things by default), which is to add the SuSe 9.2 pro FTP mirrors to YaSt.

Paying for 9.2 is more of a last resort, and if you have spare cash.
SUSE Professional versions are definitly worth the effort, weather you are buying the boxed version, or using the FTP version. Like Termina said, you get the compiler tools which is almost needed for everyone these days. Users that don't have much experience with Linux may be able to get by without the compile tools, but even something as simple as installing your NVidia drivers requires you to have the compiler tools installed.

If i had a choice over "Personal" and "Professional", I would definitly choose professional.

Thanks for the replies so far smile.gif

If you need to add the 9.2 Pro mirrors to Yast??? how do you do so??huh.gif

Ta very much biggrin.gif
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